About Us

If you are here, you are serious about making money with us and sports betting for long term profit. With BTB there is no, "guessing," or betting on a hunch when it comes to our selections. No that does not mean we are going to win every single game. At the end of the day we are betting humans.

We excel in Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, and Football. We are coming off a record year in the NFL/NCAAF in the 2017-2018 season where $100/unit bettors profited over $13,000 last season. We just had a tremendous basketball season where $100/unit bettors netted nearly $13,000 as well. Right now in baseball, our clients are headed for another great season as $100/unit bettors are up over $20,000.

We follow an extensive process that we put to work each and every day to identify where the oddsmakers have made a mistake in their lines allowing us to take advantage. Our work is never ending. We start the next days research the night before, carries into the morning, until we have identified the opportunities for that day. From there the plays are ranked and sent out to our clients. All in all this process it usually takes 4-5 hours a day.

On average, most days we will likely send out 4-6 total plays with one being our top play or POY(Play of year). Our top play will be our highest rated play it will either be a top play or POY(play of year) Which will be a 10 UNIT play. REMEMBER BET WITH CONFIDENCE! we will never send out a play just for the sake of sending out a play if its not something we have identified an edge in.