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BTB Bet Tracker – Sports Betting

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Daily Figure Tracker

Created by The BTB Team

Are you a sports bettor looking for ways to keep better track of your bets and win more money? The BTB Bet Tracker can help you do just that.

The BTB Tracker is a convenient way to easily track and analyze your bets, saving you time and maximizing your earnings.

How can The BTB Tracker help you?
-The BTB Tracker will help you analyze your bets, showing you your strengths and weaknesses.
-Track monthly and yearly records per sport
-Track monthly and year win percentages per sport
-Track monthly and yearly profits per sports
-Break down your bets to show you what sport you’re most profitable in
-Increasing your credibility – back up your plays with solid statistics about your record
-We offer lifetime support if a formula ever breaks or if you request any customization.
-New versions of the report will be sent out every year and you will be notified when any updates come out.
-This spreadsheet is available on Google Docs and in Excel format. You have the option of which form you would like.
-This spreadsheet is available in American and Decimal Odds

There is a 1 time fee of $29.99 for Non-Members, or this spreadsheet is free with membership!

If you are a member, sign in and Click Here to download the tracker.

If you are looking to sign up and join the BTB Team, check out our membership packages here:

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Please send the payment using the PayPal link below. The spreadsheet will be sent to the email used in PayPal. If you would like it sent to a different email address, please email behindthebets@gmail.com.

Available in Excel and Google Docs.

Want to take a look before you buy it? Check out our preview below of the tracker:

Click Here to Download The US Preview Version (v7.0)

The payment $29.99 link is below!

We hope you like it and good luck tracking!

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