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CBB Systems


I tried to create a podcast with this information yesterday, but the software I have always used is not working on my new laptop. I would like to do a bi-weekly podcast for the site, so if anyone has any good advice about creating one please let me know. I have a brand new computer and all of the audio working. I just need to know the best recording/editing software to use.

I will be doing an NBA page similar to this as well. I am simply providing my favorite CBB/NBA systems (and will refer to them as CBB System 1, CBB System 2, etc). When I release the system plays I will put the number of the system that correlates to this page. Stability over time (or a large amount of plays) is the most important factor in determining how a system will do. I have systems that span 100′s of play and 1,000′s of plays over the last 10 years. I have the info updated weekly in Excel format and also have access to the brilliant BetLabs for instant system creation.

I will also be offering a free service for members who want to know how great any system you can think of is. Simply shoot me a tweet or email with the criteria, and I will get back to you within 48 hours with the results. I will compose a different post later with all of the criteria you can pick from. The basic stats below are not system stats, but they are helpful in seeing that you must go beyond the surface to get any meaningful results. Visitors, as a general rule, are better bets in CBB and NBA and offer more value. Being a visitor is never a good enough reason to bet a team though.

I am unit betting the rest of the season in CBB and NBA. The amount of units depends on the stability of the system over X amount of plays. I will give you the stability of the system by giving each one a grade (A+, A-, B+, B-). No systems in the C, D, or F range are worthy of following. I can give more info on this in a couple of days.

Some basic stats:

CBB Visitors L10 Years: 14774-14140 ROI: -0.3%
CBB Visitors This Season: 1260-1202 ROI: -0.5%
CBB Home Teams L10 Years: 14140-14774 ROI: -4.7%
CBB Home Teams This Season: 1202-1260 ROI: -5.1%
CBB Dogs L10 Years: 15317-15203 ROI: -2.1%
CBB Dogs This Season: 1369-1406 ROI: -3.9%
CBB Favs L10 Years: 15203-15317 ROI: -3.0%
CBB Favs This Season: 1406-1369 ROI: -1.7%
CBB Road Dogs L10 Years: 10844-10482 ROI: -0.8%
CBB Road Dogs This Season: 930-920 ROI: -2.1%
CBB Road Favs L10 Years: 3928-3651 ROI: +0.9%
CBB Road Favs This Season: 330-282 ROI: +4.3%
CBB Home Dogs L10 Years: 3651-3928 ROI: -6.1%
CBB Home Dogs This Season: 282-330 ROI: -10.2%
CBB Home Favs L10 Years: 10482-10844 ROI: -4.3%
CBB Home Favs This season: 920-930 ROI: -3.4%

Now for my favorite systems:

CBB System 7
CBB System 8
CBB System 9
CBB System 10

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