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Part 2: Get Set-up with Many Online Books and Other Services

part 2

How to Become a Winning Sports Bettor

Part 2: Get Set-up with Many Online Books and Other Services


Hopefully you are starting to understand that you have to have a good bit of money to really get started betting. I would say a $500 minimum will be what it takes to get things going, be able to manage your bankroll correctly, and be able to shop for the best numbers. I did the $50 experiment just to teach people the things I am going to show you in these following lessons. More importantly, you can win by sports betting. It just takes dedication, focus, and a relentless effort to win and make money.

You have a new found confidence and really feel like you can completely change the way you have been betting, From now on you will follow a strict bankroll management of your creation (or you can go by mine). The next step, however, is creating the atmosphere that you can win in; there are 8-10 good betting sites that allow American players. You will need to sign up for 4-5 sites with whatever you can afford. Some people can only spare $100 bucks or so, and they really need to save up first before approaching the ideal way to bet. I would open up 4-5 accounts with online sites (the best and highest rated on the web) and deposit $100-$500 into each account, depending on how quickly you want to be able to make bets for more than $5.

Here are the sites I recommend signing up for

Here is the betting software I recommend you have as well


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