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The Single Most Important Factor in Becoming a Pro Bettor


I have been preaching about money management for years. I have claimed that it is the most important factor that will ultimately lead to you winning money in this business. There is one thing that is even more fundamental, however, and is the true basis for success in any area of life: ATTITUDE!

We all know the typical hater. Some of you experience them in your social life or maybe at work. They are naturally negative and seemingly have “VICTIM” written across their forehead. They also exist online (I have a good bit of them myself), and they spend much of their valuable time focusing on bashing others instead of bettering themselves (by breaking down games or having valuable online discussions).

I have encountered almost every type of negative online character out there. There are those that bash you outright (“Your play suck!”), others that try to do so a little under the radar (“You haven’t won since I jumped on board, but I am sure you will turn it around soon!”), and others that seem to be natural pessimists (“Who is making these plays? I don’t understand what you are seeing. Confusing!”). People that make these comments will never win in the betting world, which is why I ignore them completely and move on. Quite simply, negative people are the losers in life and in gambling.

In my experience, winning bettors seem to have one common thread: they are natural optimists who never play the victim card. You won’t see many winning bettors complaining about a bad beat here or a bad beat there. You won’t see them ragging someone online over plays or ranting and raving over a bad run. Losses are a necessary evil in this line of business. You either learn from them or you let them eat you up until you lack the wherewithal to keep grinding each and every day.

Stay focused on winning long term and understand each second you spend in a state of self-loathing is a very valuable second you could have used crunching numbers and breaking down games.


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