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Part 10: Just Do It!


How to Become a Winning Sports Bettor

Part 10: Just Do It!


I am going to make this short and sweet, because now you are equipped with all of the basic knowledge you need to get started. You have learned about bankroll management, line movements, and even how to breakdown games. It is now time to fight the number one enemy: apathy. It is time to become passionate about sports betting while staying focused and calm when you are assessing all of the information that comes at you each day. Strive every day to be get better at something that you are weak at; if you lack much knowledge about pitchers in the MLB, then spend tonight reading up on one division’s pitchers and how they have fared against their competition. If you do not know much about the bench of the remaining NBA teams, then right now is as good a time as ever to start learning about them.

Equip yourself with new weapons (knowledge) to attack your opponent (the lines) each day. If you are not good at betting totals, then find out why. Are you following trends that are no longer relevant? Are you predicting how a game will flow in your head just based on one game you saw last week? Are you looking at how a team has performed on each Tuesday night game this year (useless data)? Or are you actively looking for holes in your game? Are you looking for data to confirm your preconceived notions? Or are you looking for data that will create a new way of looking at the game? The best sports’ bettors are willing to change old and out-dated habits pretty quickly. Staying ahead of the curb is the name of the game. A good bettor can see a game go under 10 times in a row, watch the books over-compensate, and nail the over without even hesitating. You have to become confident in yourself, the way you break down games, and the bets you end up placing. Confidence combined with knowledge can be a very powerful weapon in this line of work.

It is also time to stop worrying about money and games. If you are doing this right, then you should never have a large enough percentage of your bankroll on the line that would make you worry very much anyways. If you are worrying about that kind of stuff, then start back at the first step and get back on track before placing any more bets. You need to be an assertive, confident, and lethal sports bettor. Pick your spots, track your bets, and see how well you do with different styles of betting. Are you the kind of guy that only needs to look for 1-2 bets a night in the NBA? Or are you the kind of guy that needs to throw some volume around in order to get on the right track? Track your % both ways and see which one wins you the most money (even track your leans). But most importantly, stop sitting around not doing anything. Learn as much as you can and become active in this business. Start interacting with others on twitter and on some message boards and fill your head with as much useful information as you can. Otherwise, you aren’t going to get very far.

Every day try to a) learn something new about sports betting, b) look at new data that is available online, c) look over the bets you won and lost the day before, and d) look at the bets you didn’t place the day before. Start looking over all of the games just to observe the numbers instead of trying to confirm any preconceived ideas. The most important thing is to keep your confidence up and bring the same energy every single day. I am pretty sure that you know what has to be done next. Good luck.


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