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The New Behind The Bets (BTB)

Mass Email Sent 10/23/2013:


Greetings Members!

I hope this email finds you well.

If you haven’t already, check out our new site! We have tons of new functionality, 100% transparent picks, and everything is logged within 24 hours of making the pick.


New Site:

We have tons of new functionality on our site:

  1. Completely changed the look of our website: www.behindthebets.org
  2. Added a chat feature to talk sports and gambling everyday on our homepage!
  3. Improved our record tracking with daily record keeping and updates: Click Here
  4. Added NFL Power Rankings with NFL Video Preview and advanced statistics: Click Here
  5. Developed CFB Power Rankings  and advanced statistics: Click Here
  6. Created a Free BTB Bet Tracker to track your bets, records and win %: Click Here
  7. Once the season starts, we will release our NBA Power Rankings and advanced statistics.
  8. Once the season starts, we will release our NBA Team Pages.

*CFB and NFL previews will be available on Thursday.

*NBA previews will be available daily during the season.


Refer A Friend:
Know someone that wants to sign up for a lifetime membership with Behind The Bets? Let us know and he can join our team for only $99.99 for life ($129.99 value)! We love expanding and the bigger we get, the more powerful we become! You can see our membership options by clicking here.
We have a great service, and it is for a better cause. Membership fees (and more) goes directly to the ACS foundation and other families in need.

Adding Your Twitter Handle:

One thing we are asking members to do is add there Twitter Handle to their member accounts on there profile. This will ensure that twitter does not unfollow you randomly and you will lose access to the site and our picks! Please do this! Very important!


  1. Log onto our website at: www.behindthebets.org
  2. Click “Edit My Profile” under the Log-In Menu on the left
  3. A pop-up window will show up. Simply fill in where it says: “TWITTER HANDLE”
  4. Save all changes and you’re done!

Thank you all in advanced for doing this, it is very important to us.


Added Fun Horse Betting:

Recently we have been betting horses live on our Behind The Bets Chat Room! We will tweet out when we may be betting horses and come join us! Just some extra fun bets included in your membereship! If you are looking for a great sports book to bet horses with, we recommend Xpressbets.com. It is our favorite place  to bet the horses. In addition, you can watch all of the races live there.

Referral Bonus: Sign up with the following referral code XBF02425. This is Rance’s Dads account and it will give him an additional $50 :) He greatly appreciates you using his code!

* The bets will not be tracked or included in our records due to the fact they are not tweeted out on our @BTBPicks handle.*


We hope you enjoy all of the new features we have been adding to the site. We will continuously be adding more and growing the Behind The Bets Powerhouse!

Thank you to all, new and old, members! We are happy to have you on our team!

Please let us know if you have any questions!


Rance, Dave & The Rest of the BTB Team



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